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How did you manage to breed it with those moves and near perfect IV’s?

Here’s a good beginning guide to IV breeding

Egg moves are transferred from both parents this gen, so if you do the research and preparation it’s not that difficult, just time consuming :3

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My game does not seem to want to produce 6vs any more lol, it’s made TWO shinies now since the last regular 6iv mon- Eldin here and a shiny 5v Aerodactly I have yet to photo since he flaps around so much @,@Look at how awesome that dusty red is in the black ball! I’m so happy. He’s even considered legit since johto starters can be obtained in different balls via Colosseum. (Also named after the Skyward Sword volcano since typhlosion can learn eruption and all :P )Updated Rareball trade list, I’m really looking for love ball absol or dream/love ball togepi as a gift for someone so especially hmu if you got either
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Sasuke watercolor by *sbalac


there is so much grass in the world. there are probably 46, maybe even 47. nature is beautiful

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Tokyo Tower
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the cave of origin
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