Guess what TPP got, lol

…It’s been 3000 years and I still haven’t found lil D on the PSS D:

I want to fight him with Corre and the rest of my story team ;;

also am i the only one who always reads/sings that last french song thing at the end of XY in Sycamore’s voice…?

And not just the people that you can see, d.. but all of them too, the ones present now, and those who have yet to find out about your victory!


come to the chat for the parade with the Professor!

oh my god is this teh urn

edit OKAY YEAH nvm we’re really close now though :o


Yeah I get you, I at first thought he died at first too in both versions but then I sort of got hints because I talked with everyone and everything, to the point I was beginning to scuba dive for meaning or trying to figure out if anyone was mourning Lysandre at all. Because you know, I assumed people would hold a funeral or say something about it. Then I hit that bit of information in the post-game and it made me think “oh shit he’s actually alive? WELL SHIT.” Afterwards I sort of modified that line which sounded past tense like he died, to like … perhaps he just lost contact with people as he went further with his ambitions or something? Or that line reading it over again ‘his own suffering’ to me kind of in retrospect makes me think like - he’s alive and suffering because he has to deal with the consequences of what he had done. Then again though, that’s just an interpretation of mine, I may be really off.

Don’t worry I have my own headcanon that he survived too in both versions, even if he is very physically scarred up from the rocks and metal that fell on him and has to kind of deal with it. I sort of find it fitting a person who was obsessed with keeping the world beautiful (as well as others like say Diantha ) might be scarred up afterwards and he chose to eventually go into hiding somewhere afterwards perhaps going on a journey himself like AZ but that’s neither here or there.

Yeah, honestly it was in past tense that is why I was unsure like if he died or not. As I said even I thought he died at first, because this isn’t the first time in the Pokemon Series there were  pretty grim endings. (See Giovanni after you beat him in the Celebi Event in HG, Cyrus’ choice to stay in the Distortion World, Ghetsis being driven to insanity to the point he’s merely a shadow of who he used to be with his final defeat etc… LIKE OF ALL THE TEAM BOSSES, ARCHIE AND MAXIE GOT IT OFF PRETTY EASY. Shit is dark. ) But yeah, I’m surprised it wasn’t on the wiki either, not going to lie.

Oh my god lol
Yeah, I kind of couldn’t believe my eyes with where they took the plot, so I searched too. Not just because he’s the only personality in Pokemon to ever truly captivate interest me, but because the game handles it horribly and nobody cares.

(Like i know the last bosses had kind of gruesome ends too, but at least they had more reasons to deserve it. Giovanni was unapologetically greedy/cruel and so was Ghetsis, as well as vindictive and manipulative.. and Cyrus had narcissism/god issues, they all seemed to want to do what they were doing entirely for themselves. Maxie and Archie were bickering 12yr olds and their goals were so stupid they would have ended up murdering everybody by accident achieving either of them, so I’m not surprised they got off lighter)

But Lysandre… even knowing he was taken for granted, still pours money and resources into Kalos without getting mad, since a pat on the back or looking the goodie was never as important to him as other people’s happiness/wellbeing …and that’s what sets him apart imo.
He was mentally overwhelmed, alone+ depressed, fearing for humanity with nobody there to reassure him, so he took drastic action to fix it himself… And suffers one of the harshest punishments out of all of them for trying. Not sure what that message is supposed to give off, tbh!

But the thing that gets me is like how did nobody miss his input into the economy, even if they didn’t miss him…? And it shows just how good his friends were if they can just accept he was evil and go on without much of a reaction. So yeah :/ Pokemon, you kind of fucked up on this game even though the idea was good.

//..Also your symbolism about severe physical scarring is really interesting! I never considered it before, but thinking about it now it kind of fits.

Most people don’t realize his use of the word “beauty” in-game seems to have nothing to do with physical image, but that was also only hinted on and badly explained, so to be left now on the receiving end of what he was so unhappy with (people putting too much importance on appearance without looking at personality) would either make or break him.. since not only has he tried to kill everyone and people think he’s an asshole, but he’d now look like a trashcan and has no fangirls lmao.

HOWEVER anything that comes from that would be much more meaningful since he’d also have proof people can put image aside and see beauty in what’s inside. So.. you never know.. it may be just what he needs to see the beauty already there himself.. I like it! :D



No, it’s not, I got to check where the npc was though again because I can’t exactly remember. I’ll just search around on my game of Pokemon X though to see if I can find it. There were two for me, the first clue was with  the conversation with Sycamore if I remember that made me go: Ok he might have survived.

"And I’d also like to thank you! I’m sincerely grateful for what you did for all of the Pokémon and people of this world. And by stopping Team Flare, you also saved Lysandre. I always knew that he desired a beautiful world…"

^ I  find it interesting he says said ‘saved’ and not anything else. Like, if you mean ‘saving’ by kill him to save him, that’s pretty dark and I’m not sure of Sycamore is like that AHAHAHA.

There was another NPC I remember, I forget which one but it said something like — maybe ‘maybe someday Lysandre can understand’ like he was still alive? So I always went under the assumption he was alive, dug out, and kept under close surveillance afterwards.

Then again I played the X version so that might be a version difference. I’m playing through the Y version now in my Nuzlocke, so we will see.





I suppose it can be seen as like a ‘symbolic’ way of ‘he can be watching from the afterlife’ sort of deal. But with Sycamore’s comment to me it leans to me that he may perhaps be alive but under very close surveillance.



I know IMO (and I played Y), my HC was that he survived but left Kalos to find a new life elsewhere since nobody wanna look at his obviousvillain ass there anymore but pretty much 90+% who played the game tend to think he died/got buried forever, so.. i was always kind of on the fence both ways, without the evidence.
It’s not like pokemon to let people die, and especially not in that way, but… I can’t see him returning in pokemon Z or X2/Y2 either unless as a secret character, helpful NPC, ect.

ALSO for conversation’s sake here’s the dialogue I was on about in Snowbelle;
"Lysandre, he’s my old friend. He was always trying to help people in need. Becoming convinced of people’s stupidity though and facing his own limitations led him to conclude that the world cannot be saved. Which led to his own suffering.. it’s ironic."

People tend to take it as proof that Snowbelle is his hometown moreso (the fur maybe makes sense then) but damn that speech is depressing. True, but depressing. And also in the past tense

…I never saw the mention with the rival in Kiloude because I didn’t care about fighting her, but it’s strange none of the wikis list that dialogue at all because it is quite solid put with all the other small hints…
(and yeah it’s not like sycamore to mean ‘saved’ in a dead way but then again it seemed as if he didn’t care that much despite what they said about him ‘feeling down’, so….it could have been said just to make the player feel better, was my original impression)

WOW I had to sleep for the first time in 3 days so I missed the last 10 hrs or so.. you guys are at the league already.. what urn is this? Are we close??


I can get behind the whole idea that Lil’ d and Lysandre are now immortal in the TPP. (especially d because of his capture of the respective legendary in this game.)

Furthermore, later in the game if you talk to an NPC, they comment that Lysandre actually survived his attempt to force immortality on us and was taken to proper authorities so it leans he was able to get out of the rubble eventually.

Mmh, the NPC— is that the one in Snowpoint by any chance? And if so, is that an X exclusive dialogue?

I only ever played Y and could never find any evidence of him surviving (even after rooting around on wikis, which you think would at the very least have supplied dialogue if there was any in either version to support it..)

I really felt like drawing him after earlier, so.. here’s a doodle of that chat HC that he’s the human reincarnation of the false prophetIdk, it might get cleaned or shaded if i get time between stuff, we’ll see


i think it more or less depends on what version you’re playing. in y, a lot of people believe that lysandre got killed by the ultimate weapon and shortened the protag’s life span.

HOWEVER, in x, there’s a good amount of people who believe that lysandre is actually immortal, just forever stuck under the rubble of the ultimate weapon with no means of escaped and made protag immortal.

…it’s kinda brutal tbh.

Oh yeah, I know ;w;

I meant more what do people headcanon happened to this Lysandre from TPP… Most people were spamming “he dead!” and “we just killed a man”, ect in the chat so i’m just checking


Also most people are spamming he dead in the chat, is that final answer? I have a comic to write that needs to know, and X is usually where he wants them to live forever »

even Xerneas beat us the first time, wow