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It just gave me three 6 iv males in a row
..lord whyy

help me

I’m slowly drowning in 6iv love ball absols breeding for this shiny

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People who think that Lysandre was literally furious at everything and just wanted to smash it like an angry two year old make me so uncomfortable

ikr, he’s obviously an intelligent man who is prone to making severe misinterpretations of the world around him. Everyone probably thought of him as a case from an asylum, leading him to becoming hateful of other human beings. It’s sad.

Lysandre’s whole character makes me sad though. He’s more tragic than AZ because of how little anyone is able to understand, inside the game or out. (which was the point) People like him actually exist, and we treat them similar and that’s also pretty sad to think about.

Although.. he hasn’t become ‘hateful’ of anyone… alone, isolated… hopeless more like.

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by aschefield101
liliipup: Something i've always found really weird about how they animated Sycamore to handle his pokeballs, is that it fits Giovanni's description perfectly of how to tell when trainers don't give a flying fuck about their pokemon :/ (from Origins)


Oh, yeah, it does!

Sycamore really doesn’t treat them with care looking back on it.  You would think that since he’s a professor he’d handle their pokeballs with care and be more passionate with his throws because he loves Pokemon, but he’s not.  I wonder what happened to change that.

Watching the gifs again… Lysandre’s throw appears pretty different despite the fact they have the same basic movements.  To me, his looks more stiff compared to the willy-nilliness that is Sycamore.

Thinking about it… Aren’t the only throwing animations that look like the character genuinely cares the protagonist’s, their friends (if they have animations, can’t really remember), and the rival’s?

When you also take into account the fact Sycamore himself cannot mega evolve too, even willingly dropping out because “he thought he didn’t have what it takes”.. it really gets you to thinking.

The only things we know it requires, is a strong bond to the pokemon and a stone/mega ring…. so what the heck was he so sure he didn’t have, except an inability/unwillingness to bond with his pokemon, perhaps? And if that’s the case, why is he even a professor at all?

Lys at the point that gif is taken from, it’s interesting because he’s not fighting with victory in mind. (Which is exactly how Giovanni describes that motion) He’s aiming to stall the main character until the weapon goes off, which is explained right after the fight. I don’t think he ever thought victory over the main character was essential to completing his plans.

It’s only when Lysandre realizes shit got mighty serious and he does have to fight for his ideals, then you really see the change in him.

Look at dat difference 8( 

Sycamore just struck me as particularly strange because of his phrase, “I must warn you… I’m not all that tough!” too, before the fight.
He knew those pokemon were going to get hurt and most likely defeated, yet look at his expression and body language while doing it.

He’s a really interesting character because he’s definitely hiding something, and right now, it’s just a matter of what.

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horny for a meaningful relationship

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